Mosta residents start the week on a good note


The ‘Monday blues’ is a familiar term for many people who wake up on Monday morning with a feeling of apathy, and who do not feel like going to work after an enjoyable weekend. However, this week, Mosta residents started off their day in a better mood when they walked out of their homes and found a Post-It with a nice message stuck to their door and their car windows.

A number of people who live in Mosta commented that on Monday morning they found these Post-Its which seem to have been distributed during the night. No one knows who left the notes, but the residents thanked whoever it was for starting off their week on a positive note.

The messages reminded people to be happy, and to put a smile on their face despite any difficult moments they might be passing through.

If you received one of these notes, send us a photo of the message to [email protected]

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