“A monster inside you that steals your identity and leaves you in solitude”

To put in context the trials suffered by a person with an eating disorder we spoke to Claudia Faniello, a singer and teacher who at the age of 12 was diagnosed with bulimia. She explained these trials as a monster inside her that stole her identity and all the values she was raised in. During that period she experienced great solitude.

Claudia described bulimia as an obstacle to even disrupt the most simple of routine tasks throughout the day including various relationships with friends as well as family members. One of the factors was the condition led her to see herself in a poor light. Other factors were times of stress she went through and thus she sought refuge from the condition. She believes that persons suffering any kind of eating disorder should be aware and conscious of what they are going through so as not to go through the same suffering again. She said the traumas are not only physical but also psychological and although one may improve, the traumas remain the same for a lifetime.

At the time of going through the negative period a person feels the situation is overwhelming, yet there are still stories of persons who have succeeded. She stressed that education and awareness are of fundamental importance to prevent further victims.