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Mother asks for help after she ends up sleeping in car with her children and dog

A complicated social problem has led a young woman with two children and a dog to end up sleeping in her car and supporting her children on just €500 per month. The mother said she that cannot go live in the shelter offered by Appoġġ because they will not accept her dog, and she is still hoping to be given social housing to turn over a new leaf in her life.

The mother of two young children, whom we will call  Jacqueline, has ended up homeless and told TVM that she has been living in her car since the beginning of July with her dog.

“I take the kids to the beach where there are showers to wash them, and to protect them from the sun I take them to a shopping complex, and in the evening we go near the sea and sleep in the car,” said Jacqueline.

She said that her only income is €500 between welfare and child support from the children’s father. She said her life is very difficult because in the circumstances she cannot work.

“For example in the morning I make them cereal, then I buy them a yoghurt, and then I give them a banana,” she said.

Jacqueline said she has asked for help from Appoġġ who told her she cannot bring her dog with her to the shelter.

“The dog is part of our family, but she cannot come with us.”

Questioned about the children’s father, Jacqueline said that after their first child was born, they started having problems but to keep the family together, she gave it another try, and in the meantime fell pregnant with her second child, and things began to get worse. She said that the children’s father does not want to have anything to do with them. She said that she had knocked on the door of  her relatives but they told her that she cannot live long-term with them because of health problems.

“I wrote two letters to the authorities, but they did not pay any attention to me because I spoke to over 20 people, and all I found was closed doors. I’m afraid I didn’t find help from anyone,” she added.

Jacqueline says that with her income she cannot afford to rent and hopes to be given social housing.

“They say there are no places, but I think there is somewhere for a vulnerable women with two children and a pet sleeping in the the car – can it get more serious than that?” she asked.

She added that her wish is to have her own home so that when her two children start school, she can go to work and have a place where she can raise her children in the best way possible.

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