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Mother collects child from daycare, finds her eyebrows removed by waxing

A mother in Washington noticed that her daughter’s eyebrows had been removed at the Daycare Centre she attended.

Alyssa Salgado, who takes her two-year-old daughter to CBC Daycare, noticed that her daughter’s eyebrows had been removed by waxing.

The mother thought at first that her daughter had a scratch, but when she looked closer, she noticed that the skin was reddened and hairless.

Salgado stated that no one had the right to do what they did. When Salgado contacted the Daycare Centre management she was ignored, and when she went personally to face them, they denied everything and said the mother was reacting needlessly.

Salgado wanted to share her story on Facebook, and the story was shared over 22,000 times. Many on social media reacted and had words of condemnation for CBC Daycare.

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