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Mother hurt by persons’ comments asking her if this is her baby

When last year, Ena Miller gave birth to her baby, she didn’t expect continuous comments on her daughter’s appearance. She stated that she was judged due to her colour since the first day of her child’s birth.

Miller said that when the first woman who approached her after the baby spent the first 24 hours in ITU, the lady asked her if the baby was hers. The mother expected congratulations for the baby, however she instead was asked….is this really your baby?

The woman further told her that the baby appears to be white and with smooth hair. The comments continued not only while she was in hospital, but also during shopping, at restaurants and while visiting friends. “I have brown skin, my partner is white and Bonnie is mixed race”, the mother said

Ena said that her greatest regret is that she didn’t defend her family enough and kept everything to herself.