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Mother shows mercy towards ex-husband after he killed their children

A mother of five children who were killed by their father, has shown compassion and asked the Court not to consider the death penalty.

Amber Kyzer told the Court in South Carolina to show mercy because even though her ex-husband, Tim Jones Jr had not shown any mercy towards their children, they had loved him.

Last May, the 37-year-old man was charged with killing the children aged between 1 – 8 years of age at his home on 28 August. The jury is considering whether to hand down the death penalty or a life sentence.

Amber Kyzer said that as a mother she wants to rip his face off. However, she said she has always been against the death penalty. She said that since her children loved him, and if she is going to speak in their name, she asked the Court not to apply the death penalty. She added that she would respect any decision taken by the Court.

The couple got married six months after they met in 2004. Their marriage had broken down and they separated. She decided to give him custody of the children because he had a very good salary. She used to see  the children ever Saturday.

The Court heard how on the day he murdered the children, he had found the six-year-old boy playing with a socket. That is when he snapped and killed him and strangled the other children. He placed them in his car and drove for nine days. When he was stopped by traffic police in Mississippi they recognised the foul smell which the dead bodies had left in the car.

The man pleaded not guilty.

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