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Mother-to-be expresses disappointment that her husband will not be allowed in labour ward right away

After at least three women who were admitted to hospital to give birth tested positive for the Coronavirus, the health authorities increased the precautionary measures including limiting access to the maternity wards, in order to reduce the risks of infections, because both the newborn babies as well as pregnant women are considered vulnerable. However, on social media, women who are expecting a baby expressed their disappointment at these measures, even though they are being taken in their own interest.

On social media, pregnant women have expressed their feelings of anxiety at the fact that as a precautionary measure, the father, partner or any person chosen by the mother to accompany her, will not be allowed in the maternity ward expect at the last pushing stage when the baby is about to be born.

Beky Camilleri who, together with her husband Nikolai is expecting her first baby is very disappointed.

“The father is still going to be allowed to enter without being swabbed, so it is a contradiction, it does not make sense that they come in anyway but he is not allowed in from the beginning of the labour.”

Mrs Camilleri said that she suggested that whoever enters the labour ward with the mother should be given a swab test beforehand, however Prof Charmaine Gauci explained that the swab test is not a means of screening because it is not effective. She said that the measure in the maternity wards have been taken primarily in the interest of pregnant women who are considered to be very vulnerable.

“Once you have local transmission, we need to reduce the risks of people who might bring the virus into the hospital which poses a risk for both the public as well as our staff.”

Mrs Camilleri, while expressing the need for all women to be accompanied during labour, on her part understands that the measures are required. “We understand that the husband should not enter the ward when we are with others, and I completely understand why someone I don’t know should not enter.”

Questioned about newborn babies, Prof Gauci said that both the mothers and the babies are considered vulnerable.