UPDATED: Motorcyclist stops to help driver trapped in Birkirkara Valley

A Wolt company motorcyclist did not think twice before stopping his motorcycle and giving a helping hand to a female driver trapped in her car in Birkirkara Valley.

A photograph posted on social media shows the worker, drenched from head to toe, removing an object from beneath the wheel of the car. A timely intervention that allowed traffic to continue to proceed.

In a reaction on TVM’s Facebook page, Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina thanked the foreign national who came to her help in the situation.

“That’s my car there. The man, a foreign national, was super helpful and served with a smile. Big thank you whoever you are”, Bezzina posted.

Meanwhile, Bezzina said all this had happened on her birthday.

“I had many plans for this day, but they definitely did not include being stuck in my car.”

Bezzina said she had waited for a tow truck for two and a half hours, adding that although this was a frustrating experience, it also served to show that there are still kind-hearted persons around.

Alison Bezzina said the motorcyclist was a perfect example of this. And this was not all. A few minutes later, although it was still raining, a woman came up with some tea and water for the dogs. And later, three Police officers, who were drenched, stopped several vehicles from crashing into her car.

Meanwhile, as a result of the heavy storm affecting the whole country, those who normally order their lunch through Wolt or Bolt had to make other arrangements today after the food delivery service to homes and workplaces had to be suspended because of the problems on Malta’s roads.

“The volume of water in such a short time affected the whole country and blocked several roads”