Motorcyclists frequently get a bad rap and are unfairly blamed for accidents

A large group of motorcyclists who meet every Sunday to enjoy their hobby have expressed the wish that a truck be built in Malta so that they can ride their motorcycle safely. They said that contrary to the impression of many, they are not always to blame for accidents on the roads.

In weather like today, motorcyclists take advantage and go for a motorbike ride and meet other likeminded drivers who are passionate about their hobby. The most sought after places are in the north of Malta, among them, Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, Xemxija, Ċirkewwa and Armier. Clearly this is not just a hobby.

They want a track on the island where they can ride our motorcycles.

“We don’t have many places where we can enjoy our motorcycles. Abroad, there are motorcycle tracks and the Maltese go to Sicily to enjoy their motorcycles.”

“In the same way that developments are happening in other areas, here in Malta a track can be built.”

They pointed out that they are not allowed to practice their offroading hobby because often one bad apple destroys the barrel. “I’m not saying there shouldn’t be places which are off limits but for everywhere to be off-limits. When motorcyclists to drive over we then complain about tyre marks.”

Motorcycle culture is also strengthening among women. “My boyfriend rides a bike so I’ve always been in a motorcycle environment and when I was young I always wanted to own a bicycle and never did, so the attraction had been long coming.”

Many motorcyclists have expressed disappointment that whenever a motorbike accident occurs they often end up taking the blame.

“You find many things on the streets which are to blame.”

“You have to be a hundred percent present when you drive a motorcycle; you have to have very good reflexes, it’s not like when you’re driving a car.”

Motorcyclists are aware that there is a bad impression of them because of their appearance and culture, but they have argued that this hobby takes them away from addictions such as drinking and drugs. They said they prefer to spend money on their motorbike, which is often the apple of their eye.