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MPG: Malta most attractive country for Brexit-hit investors

According to an international investment firm, Malta as a financial centre is the country which stands to benefit the most from Brexit. This is because it offers various benefits which are missing from other countries.

The Managing Partners Group (MPG) said Malta offers financial companies wishing to work within the European Union various advantages not available in other countries. In fact MPG stated it will be promoting Malta at a seminar organised by BOV which is to be held in London at the end of March, entitled ‘The Malta Solution – Ahead of the Curve’.

MPG Chief Executive Jeremy Leach said in a statement that Malta should be the first choice for financial companies wishing to set up a primary or secondary office, and this because residents speak English and have a high level of education, the country offers easy access to the European Union, and it has an efficient regulatory process.

Leach added that Malta is politically stable, as opposed to other countries like Italy and France, and also has a good financial rating, as opposed to Greece. Leach further added that although Dublin is also attractive as it offers spoken English, it is more expensive and less efficient in terms of taxation.

Leach also mentioned Malta’s other advantages which, he stated, are making it one of the most important financial jurisdictions in the world. These include Malta’s EU and Commonwealth membership, its taxation framework, and tax treaties with 65 other countries.


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