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Mqabba gets new lease of life

A Regeneration Project in Mqabba has given the heart of Mqabba a new lease of life and has paved the way toward alleviating this village’s flooding problem while improving the harvesting and conservation of rainwater. The first phase of the project was concluded with the Minister for Infrastructure Ian Borg saying that this project would improve the infrastructure and would contribute toward improving the quality of life for Mqabba residents.

Infrastructural works at Mqabba have paved the way for the collection of rainwater in a new reservoir as part of a regeneration project.

During a technical presentation, Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Infrastructure, Christopher Cutajar, said that works were being carried out in three phases. He said that there was already a new system of pipes and water drains in place in the heart of the village.

Cutajar explained that during the second phase a reservoir with a capacity of 11,000 cubic meters of water would be built which would be bigger than the one at the Mqabba bypass.

‘The water that is collected will be groundwater. The rock being cut will be re-used for other construction projects and thirdly, this farmland will be recovered with soil to be reused for agricultural purposes. ”

The Permanent Secretary said that after the holidays, works in the square and surrounding streets would begin in September. He said that a system would be devised for the collection of rainwater which would be pumped underground into the new reservoir. He said that a variety of service wires from facades had been removed and would be passed underground.

Minister Ian Borg said that this was setting an example for similar projects.

‘We are creating infrastructure that should serve as a model for the heart of every town and village in Malta – infrastructure which is fitting and which improves the quality of people’s lives.’

Mqabba mayor Charlene Muscat said that this project was a result of cooperation between the Council and the Ministry, who listened to the residents’ priorities.

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