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Mrs Muscat sees dream come true as NGOs meet at modern hub in Marsa

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has inaugurated a modern high quality hub in Marsa which has been named The Meeting Place which will serve as a space where NGOs which work in the educational, health and social sectors can meet.

Dr Muscat said that this was the dream of his wife Michelle who always wished to make this dream come true for NGOs to have their own place. He said that the Marsa community and Government entities should help each other.

Mrs Muscat said that from a neglected place where there was unfortunately a very bad drug problem in the area of  Triq Balbi in Marsa near the local council, it has been transformed into a place of excellence at an investment of €1,200,000 from EU funds.

The Meeting Place is equipped with various facilities including recreation rooms, a multi-sensory room and educational areas. Various professional services will be provided in collaboration with a number of Ministries.

Minister Michael Falzon said that this place will raise the standards of future social projects and has served to regenerate a previously-neglected part of Marsa.

Hear what Mrs Muscat had to say about The Meeting Place:

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