MUMN challenges PM to publish strategy he is following to relax measures

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) has challenged the PM to publish the strategy he is following to relax the restrictions taken by the Supt. of Public Health because of Covid-19.

In a statement the Union said that it does not have faith that the PM is following the Public Health recommendations.  It said that every restriction which is relaxed requires a period of at least three weeks to know its effects, before more measures are relaxed.

It added that the PM is being an opportunist to the detriment of nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and other health care workers and to the detriment of the elderly and vulnerable people.

It said that by opening the airport it would be placing the lives of hospital workers and that of the elderly at risk. It added that instead of the PM encouraging caution, the maintaining of social distance and other important measures which can prevent the increase of Covid-19 infections, he was permitting amnesties for all those who broke the rules and informing his supporters that the Coronavirus pandemic is over. The MUMN said this was a false statement.

The MUMN appealed to the PM to publish the strategy of the Supt of Public Health about relaxing the measures, withdraw the amnesty he spoke about yesterday and respect the elderly and the vulnerable by retaining the quarantine measures and contact tracing of all those who use the airport.

It added that without these measures, the Maltese population is being placed at risk and this was not acceptable for the front liners who are risking their lives to protect the public.

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