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Murdered 56 women after taking them for a drive, said he wanted to clean up his town from prostitutes

In Russia, Mikhail Popkov, one of the country’s worst serial killers, has been sentenced to life in prison after a Court in the Siberian city of Irkutsk found him guilty of murdering 56 persons between 1992 and 2007.

Popkov is already in prison serving a life sentence, after being found guilty three years ago or murdering 22 women. Nicknamed The Werewolf, Popkov was a Police officer, and according to Prosecutors, suffers from a pathological condition which makes him want to commit murder.

Whilst he admitted to murdering 59 persons, investigators managed to present evidence about every crime, except for three. Popkov was also found guilty of raping three of his victims before murdering them. He used to kill them with a hammer or hatchet after taking them for a drive in his car late at night, sometimes even in his service car when he would not be on duty in his home town of Angarsk, close to Irkutsk.

Last year Popkov told a journalist that he considered himself a ‘cleaner’, cleaning up his town from prostitutes. He targted drunken females or those who considered him without morals. Although some victims were prostitutes or drug addicts, others were ordinary women with families.

Popkov was caught in 2012 following investigations through DNA samples taken from his victims who had ridden with him in the cars he used for his crimes. This besides the tyre marks found at the crime scenes.

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