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Mushrooms prevent loss of memory

If you include mushrooms in your diet twice a week, you will be preventing loss of memory or speech problems after the age of 60.

This emerges from research carried out in Singapore,which shows the unique antioxidant in mushrooms can protect the brain. The more mushrooms consumed by participants in the survey, the better they fared in a number of tests.

Researchers are saying, however, that it is not possible to find a direct connection between mushrooms and brain function. 633 adults from China, all over the age of 60, took part in the study by the National University of Singapore.

The study lasted over six years, between 2011 and 2017, and took into account diet and lifestyle patterns of the participants. Researchers found that those who ate mushrooms reduced their chances of memory loss, but the condition is not considered as dementia.

The study about a possible connection between mushrooms and memory has been published in the Alzheimer’s Disease medical review.


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