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Muslims are not meeting in groups for Friday prayers, not even at the Mosque

During yesterday prayers for Muslims, the founder of the Muslim Community Council in Malta, Bader Zina, said that Muslims are also not gathering in groups for Friday prayers, not even at the mosque. Asked on residences in Malta which were transformed into small mosques, including in Qawra, the spokesperson said that he is informed that these are closed however he expressed concern that directives issued by the authorities are not reaching everyone.

“Messages issued by the authorities are in Maltese and English when there are mostly Maltese-language conferences, and therefore in general foreigners are not receiving these messages and are not aware or conscious”.

Bader Zina added that the authorities’ directives are being translated by the Migrant Learners Unit and distributed in the community by word or social media.

He told Television Malta that the Muslim community in Malta is adapting to circumstances, including with virtual praying.

“We are obliged to pray five times a day. One can pray anywhere – at work, on the road or at home. I and my colleagues are working from home, praying with our family for a certain period; we didn’t do this before as we were away from home”.

The Muslim council founded pledged that he will stress during the next prayers on the need that the community follows all directives by the authorities, including to refrain from meeting in groups as everyone has to do his part.

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