MUT and UĦM issue directives for their members not to return back to work

MUT has ordered industrial action against the Government, issuing directives in order to protect the health and safety of its members. In a statement, the MUT said that it was not involved in any discussion about the Government’s decision for a number of grades which it represents to go back to work as from tomorrow, Friday.

It said that from information the union has, the workplaces are not equipped according to the protocol which has been issued, and which has also not been discussed with the MUT. It explained that the same protocol requires discussions with employee representatives and therefore it is already being breached. It said it is not clear whether a risk assessment of workplaces was carried out.

Therefore the MUT said that it was not ready to allow its members to expose themselves to risks in the context where the normality which is being mentioned is not a normality at all, but a series of restrictions which need to be diligently followed.

It added that in the light of the responsibility towards the health and safety of its members, the MUT is issuing directives which apply to all the institutions so that those of its members who are asked to return to work do not do so and continue to work from home as they were doing over the last few weeks.

Meanwhile,  the UĦM said that the decision taken by the Government on Monday places vulnerable people in an absurd situation because they will have to choose whether to take care of their health or their livelihood. It said that this is in contrast with the guidelines for vulnerable people. The guidelines make it clear that those who have to work are being advised to do this only through teleworking.

The Union sent a registered letter to the Chief Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar, and made it clear that this not acceptable.  It also informed him that until there is peace of mind that these workers will not be exposed to the virus, they should be ordered to remain at home.

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