MUT appeals for measures taken in schools to be retained during this weekend and the days to follow

In a statement, MUT stated that from information which it is receiving, it seems that parties are going to be organised this weekend, particularly related to Halloween.

The MUT said that while it understands that where possible, we need to look for normality in the activities which are taking place for adults, young people and children, the union is highly concerned about situations where groups of children, young people and adults who do not live in the same household will be meeting up for these parties.

The union believes that this situation needs to be addressed because it is clear that the spread of the virus during parties such as this can sabotage all the great efforts being made in schools. It said that the pandemic needs to be controlled and this cannot be done without the efforts and responsibility of the whole of society at all times.

Therefore, while the MUT has appealed to everyone for these activities to be avoided, it is appealing to the health authorities to give clear directives about this.