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MUT gives ultimatum to Government about insurance cover for educators

Following the pronouncement last week by the Union of Midwives and Nurses on the need for insurance for its nurses, the Union of Teachers has now given an ultimatum to Government, calling on it to provide insurance cover for educators.

The MUT said in a statement that for many years Government’s position has been that it does not provide insurance cover for Public Officers. It insisted, however, that recent developments have shown Government has changed its position and is now offering this insurance to specific employees.

The MUT stated that although it has emailed the Ministry on this issue, no reply has been forthcoming. For this reason it has given an ultimatum until 25 November, in the hope that the Ministry will start discussions on providing insurance cover for educators. It added that if these discussions are not started, it will resort to industrial action.

The Teachers’ Union is taking this step after the Home Affairs and National Security Ministry provided similar insurance cover for Civil Protection personnel and Prison wardens. It appears that the Government also reached an agreement  with the MUMN for similar cover, although this did not materialise.


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