MUT in meeting with Ministry and Health authorities about school protocols

The teachers’ union MUT is attending meetings with the Ministry of Education and Employment and the Supt of Public Health during which it is being informed about the health protocols being prepared for schools.

In a statement, the MUT said that this is an important step for educators to have a clear picture of the situation.

Meanwhile, in the light of the information which it is receiving, the MUT said that it would be convening a meeting of its Council on Monday while it will be meeting its members on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

In the meantime, the meetings with the Government and the respective authorities will continue so that the Union can give its reactions to what is being proposed.

The MUT feels that these days are crucial and as it has already pointed out, it will be stating its position about the opening of the scholastic year only after evaluating the entire situation, both from the aspect of the implementation of the measures, as well as from how many positive cases of COVID-19 there are, and the rate of transmission.

On this point, the MUT is meeting with experts and authorities in this field, both local and European.

The MUT will continue to reiterate that the principles which  should guide every decision should be the health and safety of each educator and student.