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MUT registers industrial action after prohibition of cheesecakes in schools

On the eve of Christmas parties in all Government, Church and Independent schools, the Teachers’ Union, MUT, has registered an industrial dispute with the education and health authorities in reaction to a legal notice regarding consumption of food in schools.

The MUT said in a statement that in recent weeks it had received information from its members regarding this legal notice. According to the MUT, this had been introduced in an unacceptable manner as the new rules were imposed on educators, and it adds that this is a situation which will create great injustices and anomalies.

The MUT stated that the legal notice has changed the conditions of work of all grades of teachers in schools, as through this notice they will now be expected to carry out inspection duties regarding consumption of food in schools, which duties are not part of any agreement regulating the duties of teachers’ grades.

The MUT added that teachers had not been consulted regarding this change, and it accordingly ordered all teachers not to communicate with the health authorities, not to receive visits and inspections in schools, not to take part in initiatives with the health authorities, not to check food consumed by students, to ignore the list of food to be given to children during Christmas parties, and if they are fined, to pass this on to the Education Ministry and inform the MUT.

The MUT stressed in its statement that the teachers’ grades are fed up with decisions being imposed on them continuously by every sector, and it will not accept that anyone waking up with some brilliant idea should do this to the detriment of teachers’ grades and without any consultation.

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