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MUT says it was not involved in discussions on reform which was announced yesterday

The teachers’ union, the MUT has described the reform in the educational system which was announced yesterday as a ‘bolt from the blue’. In a statement it said that the reform had never been discussed with the Union during the talks on the Sectoral Agreement and therefore it is not included in any agreement.

The MUT said that the reform will be removing the benchmark exam taken by Year Six students in the year 2021, which will affect a group of students who are not part of the current change to the assessment system. This means that the existing plan of assessment at primary level will see a radical change of direction before the students affected will have a chance to be prepared for how the assessment will be changed.

The Union added that this decision was taken without any consideration and with inconsistency towards the work which has been done and is being done when it comes to assessments. The teachers’ union said that what is being proposed does not reflect the opinion of educators and it is not even in conformity with the framework of the 2012 National Curriculum which establishes that assessments by means of an exam on a national level should be be held in Year Six of primary school.

The MUT also pointed out that it had never seen the 25 proposals which were presented by the Ministry of Education and these were not even presented to the Board for the Implementation of the Curriculum.