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UPDATED: Education Minister says evaluation of situation in schools being carried out, MUT and UPE describe strike as successful

Education Minister Justyne Caruana announced on Facebook that an evaluation of the situation in schools is being carried out, and different solutions are being considered.

Minister Caruana posted that “a few hours before schools were to reopen after the Christmas holidays, we were faced with industrial action, with teachers being ordered not to report for duty. I understand the inconvenience this has caused to parents, and we are committed to addressing this inconvenience for the good of our children. Coordination with the Health authorities in continuous.”

The MUT had earlier declared that the strike which started this morning in schools was a big success. Announcing this in a statement, the MUT stressed this clearly shows educators are not prepared to be left in the dark by an irresponsible Minister when the pandemic situation merits analysis and action, as the health authorities had stated.

In its statement, the MUT appealed to the health and educational authorities for an immediate analysis of the situation and its effect on educators, children and families so that they can return to physical learning with all the measures required.

It condemned the position taken by the Minister of Education which said that schools will be open as normal. It added that the lack of responsibility could be clearly seen when the same Minister tried to justify the decision of the Government by insisting that online teaching is of poor quality.  The MUT said that this discards and insults all the efforts made by educators during the period that schools were closed, with the same online teaching continuing even when schools re-opened, including the virtual school which was set up specifically at this time.

The MUT has condemned all those who are trying to case a bad light on educators and said that it will continue to protect the interests of educators, students and families.

On its part, the UPE also stated the strike was successful. The UPE said in a statement that in certain schools a maximum of only nine educators had reported for work, and other schools had remained closed.

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