MV Lifeline crew insist that politicians are responsible for immigrants’ deaths

The crew from MV Lifeline walked from Castille to Court, with some of them displaying red paint on their hands, and in handcuffs.

They are placing the blame of the death of immigrants squarely on the shoulders of politicians.  Wearing  masks with different faces they said that politicians should be facing justice because they are the ones responsible for the loss of life of at least 280,000 people in the central Mediterranean.

The captain of MV Lifeline Claus Peter Reisch is appearing in front of the Maltese Court facing various charges. He is being accused of sailing a ship in Maltese territorial waters without it being registered in the small boats registry and of using a ship in Maltese waters without the required licence from the Transport Authority. The prosecution is also saying that the captain’s licence is only valid to operate ships in coastal areas.

In June, the ship was allowed to enter Malta with 234 immigrants on board after agreement was reached with various countries to share the immigrants.