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“My friends warned me about marrying Prince Harry”

Married life poses challenges for everyone, even royalty. In an interview broadcast on ITV, the Duchess of Sussex has described the first year of her marriage to Prince Harry as difficult.

She said that many of her friends had warned her not to embark on a relationship with Prince Harry.

During the documentary “Harry and Meghan: An African Journey,” she said that that many had tried to warn her that marrying Harry would put her under the intense scrutiny of an unrelenting British media.

Markle talked about the impact of this media scrutiny on her mental health, said that she had not heeded the advice because she did not know how the British media operated.

The Royal couple said that it was not easy to be constantly in the public eye. They also said that often what is published in the media is unfounded and untrue. Meghan Markle said she was learning to live one day at a time.

After their trip to Africa, Harry and Meghan, separately, brought actions against British newspapers. Meghan turn brought an action against the Mail on Sunday about the illegal publication of a letter she wrote to her father. Prince Harry instituted proceedings against The Sun, News of the World and the Daily Mirror about the illegal interception of voicemail messages.

“I won’t be bullied into playing the game that killed my mother ” – Prince Harry

The way the couple are being hounded by the media is affecting them and making their lives miserable. In an interview, Prince Harry said that the flash of a camera reminds him of what led to his mother losing her life at the age of 36, on the 31 August 1997.

Prince Harry said that what happened to his mother took place gradually, over e period of time and that he did not want the past to repeat itself.

Prince William concerned about his brother

After the interview was aired, the BBC reported that Prince William was worried about his brother although he did not give an official comment.

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