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“My heart nearly stopped beating” – Janet Walker’s frightening experience in Rabat

Janet Walker, who is living in Rabat after their family home in Gwardamanġa collapsed a year ago, got the fright of her life today when she heard a massive noise in the building where she is living.

Mrs Walker posted on social media that a bolt of lightning had struck their building, adding that she felt her heart nearly stopped beating. Photographs posted by Mrs Walker show part of the surrounding parapet on the roof damaged and dislodged, and broken slabs of stone lying in the road.

Mrs Walker said it was sheer good luck that no one was hurt, as nobody was walking on the pavement below the building at the time.

Mrs Walker probably got a bigger scare than anyone else, because in June of 2019 she had to rush out of the building where she lived in Gwardamanġa when it collapsed as construction works were going on next door.

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