‘My mother was anxious about the construction next door and was looking for somewhere else to live’ – Miriam Pace’s daughter

In Court today the compilation of evidence continued to be heard in connection with the tragic case at the construction site in Hamrun, which took the life of Miriam Pace who was buried under the rubble when her home collapsed.

Four months to the date when Miriam Pace lost her life, her daughter, Ivana Portelli, testified in front of Magistrate Joe Mifsud. In her testimony she said that in May 2019, they were informed that the garden right next door to her parents’ home had been sold. She said her mother was concerned and they were going to start looking for somewhere else to live, possibly moving next to her daughter in Kirkop. However, they later decided to continue living in Hamrun. Ivana Portelli said that her parents, as well as she and her husband, all had a meeting with the developer Malcolm Mallia and architect Roderick Camilleri.

She testified that on 14 August the permit was issued and her mother’s anxiety grew even more and she used to speak to her daughter about this constantly.  She explained that her mother became more and more anxious and had gone to the doctor and also had an appointment with a psychologist towards the end of March.

The victim’s daughter explained that her mother had told her that she was afraid because the house was shaking. She explained that she had sent her a photo from the roof of the digger next door. She said that they had spoken to Malcolm Mallia about this.  With reference to the issue of the excavation of 2.5 feet away from the wall, Ivana Portelli explained that the architect, Mr Camilleri used to tell them that if they leave a space of 2.5 feet, the vibrations would be felt even more and that this was an old law.

Meanwhile, four months after this tragedy, Miriam Pace’s widower, Carmel Pace, wrote a message to his wife on Facebook.


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