‘My son is transgender, I love him and I am proud of him’

Shortly after turning 16, Miles Attard publicly expressed his gratitude to his parents on a Tik Tok video where he thanked them for accepting him. He spoke about how difficult it was for him at first, to understand what was happening to him because when he was young, he felt that he was not a girl but a boy.

“I didn’t enjoy playing with dolls, I didn’t enjoy wearing dresses, and the more I started feeling something, I told my mother. I even had a boy’s voice.”

Miles said that with the support of his parents he instituted court proceedings and set about changing his name and then started medical processes to go from being a girl to becoming a young man.

He told TVM how he had decided to tell his mother what he was feeling in a letter.

“When I was 11 I decided that I wanted to tell her, I wanted to do something and I wrote her a letter and then left for school and in the evening we talked about it.”

Miles’ mother, Sylvana, said that although she was shocked, she had actually noticed the situation her son was going through.

“I feel that as a parent, I have no right to choose whether or not to accept my children: whether boy, girl, dyslexic or not – they are still a part of me and I love my children unconditionally.”

Miles, who is also an artist, with a talent for singing, and playing the piano, is eager to help other children and young people to live their reality and not to live a lie that hurts them.

“Speak out, say that you are transgender, gay, whatever, it’s not a shame, because if you suppress it you’ll feel worse in the end.”

Miles said that he feels accepted at school and also has support from teachers and school principals. There are several organizations that support LGBTIQ people, including MGRM Malta, aimed at raising awareness and providing assistance in situations such as the one Miles has faced.