“My students were the children I never had” – former head of school

A former head of school who dedicated her life to her students says that all of them, especially those at the Valletta primary where she spent many years running the school, were like the children she never had.

Louisette Pace spent years at the Valletta primary school and then at the Girls’ Secondary School in Birkirkara. Today she is retired and lives at a care home. She often mentions the years she spent at the primary school.

“Because in Valletta I stayed a very long time.”

She says that all the children at this school remained in her heart, not only because it was the first school but even because of the love she received from them. They were like her own children.

“God forbid one of them came late or was absent because I would be worried sick. I was bound to them very much especially in an area where it was very difficult, even at the homes, so that was worse. For example, I once had a case of a boy who was very very sick but nobody took him anywhere. When he came to my office he just fell on my knees, I had to go with him to the hospital. It was very horrible.”

She describes various students who sought her help.

“Many of the children were ready to behave quite well, so that they could come and talk to you about the problems that they had at home.”

She says that there were moments when she had to enforce discipline..and it was not the first time she spent her break inside with students, sometimes for two full weeks.

“They didn’t enjoy the 15 days obviously.”

Louisette Pace says she lived for her students and the hardest moment for her was when she had to retire.