My world, my home: This year’s theme at Skolasajf 2020 – 8,000 students in attendance

Close to 8,000 students will attend Skolasajf this year. Education Minister Owen Bonnici expressed satisfaction that after all the work and preparation, parents felt safe sending their children to Summer School which he described as another link in a child’s educational journey.

Summer school this year opened its doors two weeks earlier than usual and will give children a different educational experience after an absence of quite a few months, since last March.

The Chief Executive of the Foundation for Educational Services, Dermot Galea, said that by next week close to 8,000 children will be attending at 55 Summer schools. Mr Galea said a new and particular program had been prepared this year due to the circumstances.

“This year will be slightly different to other years with the program intensified inside the school building. We have sports activities run by a sports play worker and agreements with other partners like Lesa and Animal Welfare to come to our Centres and give demonstrations to children on various topics.

Education Minister Owen Bonnici said that a lot of work had been done behind the scenes to create a safe environment for students with a program that once again offered the stability of a routine to children.

“In fact we had 8,000 applications which is a very big number that came in two phases and indicates that parents have confidence in what we are doing at the Ministry of Education. Of course this trust came after a lot of work. After the opening of the childcare centres we now have the opening of a summer school where we are seeing happy children. ”

Dr Bonnici said that children will be under the care of 1,600 people who he said are constantly working to make the children enjoy learning new things because summer school is another link in the educational process.