Fire in Jerma Palace Hotel ruins – not for the first time

A photographer who this afternoon at about 2 p.m. was passing through Marsascala was alarmed to see billows of black smoke emerging from the ruins of the former Jerma Palace Hotel. Taking a risk he ventured into the area to investigate the cause and managed to take a number of photographs of the state of the ruined building.

In his own words, the photographer said the building was in a highly perilous state because even parts of the ceiling were collapsing, despite which people were still taking the risk of entering the ruins and even camping there, actions which he opined to be unbelievable.

The pictures show the fire was quite fierce and was dealt with by Civil Protection Department employees who stated the fire was caused by amounts of rubbish left there, including plastic which caused the billowing black smoke. A spokesperson for the CPD said such fires are quite normal and telephone calls are received often requesting them to deal with such fires. The photographer said that such fires seem to occur frequently there because several areas are blackened with soot including the area that served as the hotel’s main hall.

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