National broadcasting station committed to quality and improvement

Two months into the national station’s new schedule, a consultation meeting organized by the Ministry in the Office of the Prime Minister was held, for producers to make suggestions for improving the product that reaches the consumer through of the programs broadcast on TVM and TVMnews +, Radio Malta, Radio Malta 2 and Magic Malta and the website

Minister Carmelo Abela whose ministerial portfolio includes national broadcasting, expressed satisfaction that the producers noticed an improvement in the operation of the national station while reiterating the commitment to more quality and inclusiveness on the national station.

The producers of the programs on the national station were once again given the opportunity to voice their opinions about their challenges and objectives apropos of the new TVM and TVM News + schedule.

Themed ‘Continuing to Strengthen Broadcasting Together’, the aim of the consultation is for the national station to listen to the views of the program producers on what has been done and what needs to be done to further improve national station operations.

The Executive Chairman of Public Broadcasting Services, Dr Mark Sammut, said that the door of the national station will always remain open to listen to the suggestions of producers, in order for the consumer to receive optimum service.

“These meetings with the producers who are part of PBS are very important. We want to hear what they are saying and we want to see how we can make their lives better. The bottom line is ensuring the best product.”

The Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela who is also responsible for national broadcasting, spoke about the importance of everyone pulling the same rope so that the objectives of the producers can be translated into inclusive and quality productions.

“We should not only look at what is local but we should also aspire further afield. There have already been some successful productions abroad but I believe there should be more and I believe the potential is there and it would be a pity if we did not work for it. ”

Minister Abela said that young people should be given more opportunities in this industry to have a place to grown and thrive in their careers. Minister Abela said that even the producers had noticed that improvements were made in the management of PBS and said that the company was committed to further improving its operation for the good of the industry.