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Nationalist leader Adrian Delia says that there is unanimous agreement on the question set for General Council

At the end of a meeting of the PN’s Executive Committee which came to an end at midnight, the Nationalist Party leader, Adrian Delia said that there has been unanimous agreement about the question which has been set for the General Council, which is the question he formulated himself, except for some slight changes.

The question asks whether the leader of the party Adrian Delia should continue leading the PN up until the next elections. The General Council will be meeting on 27 July. Asked about the shouting which was heard during the meeting which lasted more than five hours, Dr Delia said that there was a debate of ideas where the spirit was in the best interest of the PN and he thanked all those who did the petition. When he was asked whether the petition submitted by former President of the Executive Mark Anthony Sammut is valid or not because of what was reported on various news outlets, Dr Delia said that no petition had been declared invalid. He said that the PN needs to go through this process of change as well as the vote of confidence in its leader.

Dr Delia said that the attitude he saw today at the Executive Committee has put the Nationalist Party on the road to real reform.


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