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Nearly all Vittoriosa homes separate waste, unlike business owners

A research project about waste being carried out by a Cypriot NGO specialising in waste separation shows that in Vittoriosa, nearly all homes carry out waste separation. Many business owners in the same locality, on the other hand, are still not separating waste.

The project by the Cypriot NGO AKTI shows that nearly all families in Vittoriosa are recycling, whereas businesses are still leaving mixed waste. This project, entitled Zero Waste City, is being financed by the Coca Cola Foundaion. The Chairperson, AKI engineer Xenia Loizidou, said she is really impressed with waste separation efforts by Vittoriosa homes.

“We selected Birgu to do the first waste characterization that was ever done in Malta… As per the households we are really impressed. The households of Birgu are really recycling. So they’re mixed waste are less than 2 kilos per household. Out of which less than 10% is recyclable.”

The AKTI expert in waste recycling, Michael Loizidis, spoke about what they found in waste bags from Vittoriosa outlets.

“I would say that for the restaurants we can still find organics of up to 65 to 70%. So its something that we still have to struggle to minimise. But I say that after 30 years working in this area it’s the first time that I’ve seen no organic waste in any kind of municipality or other entity. So you must be very proud of the efforts that have been made here.”

Vittoriosa Mayor John Boxall said he was very satisfied with the waste separation results in his locality. Mr Boxall stressed on the need for action so that even business owners understand the importance of this civic commitment.

“I would like to appeal to Government to legislate for businesses, just like legislation for residents. When one mixes up everything, although residents are following instructions, you still have entities which are ignoring these instructions.”

Stephen Bonnici from GSD Marketing spoke about how AKTI had set up the project. “The project has four aspects. There is waste characterisation, where bags are opened up at the Local Council to examine the contents, there is on-the-go recycling, there will also be beach clean-ups, and finally there is the educational element.”

The project is contemplating a Zero Waste Campus to reduce waste on the MCAST campus.

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