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Need for immediate reform to regularise building industry – Chamber of Architects

In the wake of recent incidents at construction sites, the Chamber of Architects has stated that an immediate reform is needed in the legislative framework to regularise the building industry. The Chamber added that it identified a number of shortcomings in the industry, and has drawn up proposals which have been presented to the Government regarding the setting up of an authority for this sector.

A number of incidents at construction sites which resulted in several questions about safety and construction quality in Malta, have in turn led the Chamber of Architects to propose an update of the legislative framework which regulates the building and construction industry.

The President of the Chamber, Simone Vella Lenicker, stated that the Chamber has been appealing to the authorities for at least ten years for a change in legislation about safety and building quality, among other issues.

“The materials being used, the quality. the way to protect on issues regarding fires in buildings; issues regarding services in buildings – these are codes which guide architects, engineers and developers towards finally having buildings of quality.”

The Chamber of Architects stated that construction workers, like builders and contractors, should be registered.

“Anyone can say he is a contractor, and it is important to have checks and balances in place, as finally they are assuming responsibility for the structural integrity of the building.”

During a presentation of the proposals, Architect Andre’ Pizzzuto stated that during the design and building process, the architects become involved with 22 entities. Pizzuto added that this creates a problem, and expressed the hope that this will be tackled through a new authority which is expected to start functioning by year’s end.

Mr Pizzuto declared that there is a need for defining the responsibilities for persons on construction sites, with architects and engineers being more focused on the design, planning of specifications, and certification of works.


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