“Negotiations for vaccine by European bloc saved thousands of lives” – Deputy PM

The Deputy PM and Health Minister Chris Fearne said that the joint purchase of vaccines against Covid-19 by EU member states was a great success.

In comments to journalists on his arrival to. EPSCO in Luxembourg, Fearne said that by negotiating as a bloc so that European citizens would able to receive the vaccine, they saved thousands of lives and will continue to save thousands more.

He said that apart from the Covid-19 situation, the themes which the Ministers are expected to discuss during today”s  meeting include the purchase of medicines and access to them, as well as the antimicrobial resistance to them, in other words when the bacteria changes and medicines ar no longer effective to fight against it.

Fearne said that if EU countries show the same determination and solidarity on these themes as they did with the pandemic, this will represent an important step for the health of EU citizens.

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