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Maltese enterprises invited to invest in Middle East and African projects

Almost after 30 years of the establishment of the EU Reconstruction and Development Bank an invitation has been extended to Maltese enterprises to come forward and invest in projects financed by the bank in the Middle East and Africa.

The bank’s Director, Leander Treppel, said Malta has an important role in helping it to ameliorate the economic situation and democracy in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

The EU bank’s representative addressed a seminar organised by the Ministry for Finance and Trade attended by entrepreneurs. He explained the bank loans finance to developing countries for various projects including road construction, airport expansion and sources of alternative energy.

The CEO of Trade Malta, Anton Buttigieg, said Maltese commercial companies have yet to recognise the opportunities of the benefits of the bank’s loans on national projects.

He said that when such an entity as the EBRD Bank is willing to finance and give certain guarantees on a project, Maltese investors and entrepreneurs should bid for the tenders which carry security and peace of mind to participate in national projects supported by the bank and therefore any possible failure of the project is highly minimised.

Finance Minister Professor Edward Scicluna said Malta has an important role to serve as a bridge between Europe and North Africa, including Libya that is among the countries striving to attain stability.

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