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Nestle to reward consumers who recycle its products

Waste separation as an environmental action has also attracted the attention of companies which are obliged to recover packaging waste they place on the market.

Nestle Malta company, together with GreenPak, launched the Nestle Collect scheme to recover from consumers jugs, tins and packets of around 200 products it has on the market for recycling.

Alfred Borg said that through company’s scheme, consumers will be rewarded with gifts while it assists in the recycling of packaging material in a structural and regulated way, and not ending up as waste.

Mr Borg stated the company is enhancing its commitment through the scheme in favour of local environment, is promoting waste separation in Malta and strengthening its social responsibility.

The company’s clients may use the scheme by registering on
the company’s site, which will be operating from the Ħal Luqa consumer centre.

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