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New app for Maltese travellers

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has developed an app for mobiles which carries essential information about countries all over the world. The aim is to assist Maltese travellers planning their trips abroad, be it for holidays, studies or work.

Travel by the Maltese is on the increase, not only to traditional destinations but also to far-away countries. As National Statistics Office figures show, between January and June there was an increase of 42% in the number of Maltese who travelled to countries outside the European Union over the figure for last year.

Even if this rarely happens, travel sometimes results in circumstances when a person may require the assistance of a Maltese Embassy or Consulate, or where this is not possible, through direct contact with the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The Director of Consular Services, John Buttigieg, pointed out that most requests can be avoided if proper verifications are made prior to departure, including validity of passport and requirement of inoculations. The Ministry has developed this Malta Travel Point app in order to assist Maltese travellers.

“This app addresses all these elements in one easy-to-use app. It is user-friendly and addresses issues needed by a traveller abroad at the press of a button,” Mr Buttigieg explained.

The Malta Travel Point app is part of a campaign by Government to bring services closer to citizens.

Minister Carmelo Abela stated that the app is also an important tool in emergencies, and appealed to the public to act responsibly and to gather all necessary information about the intended destination before travelling.

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