New App to improve health and safety practices on construction sites

In the first six months of this year, 185 people working in the construction industry were injured on the place of work. These account for 16.7% of all accidents at work.

Patrick Parnis developed the HSEQutiv app in the hopes that these incidents will continue to decrease. He said that although the industry had made great strides in enforcing health and safety regulations, there were still repeat shortcomings that, if allowed to persist, could lead to serious accidents, even fatalities. Mr Parnis said the app introduces a standard method for health and safety compliance inspections including the way reports and requests for action are issued.

He said “this system is going through and reports are being sent directly from the work site. I don’t have to go to the office to write these reports to pass on to the client”.

The app processes the information in a computerized way according to a list of criteria set by the health and safety authorities. Mr Parnis expressed the hope that this would reduce the possibility of human error during all phases of the project.

He said that this “is a cloud-based solution, where you are doing the inspection you are taking the photos from the site, you are connected to the internet, photos are taken there and then as necessary and once you get to the end of the checklist, you send it in “.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce, David Xuereb said that the construction industry in Malta needs a strong dose of regulation and an improvement in reputation. He added that it was encouraging to see operators in the industry themselves are working to improve their performance.