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New beer created to celebrate Harry and Meghan’s wedding

Admirers of the Royal Family will be able to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a new beer. This beer has been given the name of ‘Harry & Meghan’s Windsor Knot’. It has been created in a traditional way, and will be on sale on the day of the Royal couple’s wedding at Windsor itself.

The label on the beer will show the date of Harry and Meghan’s wedding – 19 May – and the wedding venue, Windsor Castle in West London. This beer is the sequel to the Windsor Knot beer which had been created for the wedding of Prince William and Kate in 2011.

The beer factory, which is based in Windsor, stated that it has come out with a different product from that of six years ago.  Windsor has been synonymous with beer in the past, and a century ago it hosted several beer producers who used to send their beer to London by sea.

The last factory stopped producing beer in 1932, and the tradition had died down, until it was rekindled in April 2010. This factory uses traditional and modern equipment and production methods to produce its beer.

One of the directors, 60-year-old Will Calvert, said the beer has a connection with the Royal Family’s Windsor heritage. The Harry & Meghan beer was put on the market on 28 March, and the factory will continue to produce it until there is a market for it.

You can follow the production process for the new beer and what has been said about it:

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