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New book in schools to promote children’s rights and obligations

A year since the launching of the first children’s national policy, a book was published to explain the policy with adaptations for children according to their age.

The Office of the Commission for Children is distributing the publication to students in all schools with the aim of promoting the rights and literacy among children.

On the eve of the World Children’s Day, students attending the medium school of Santa Tereża college were presented with the first copy of the book il-Kaxxa Misterjuża u l-Avventura lejn il-Ħames Artijiet Imsaħħra which is based on the first children’s national policy.

In a simple way, the book explains the policy which has to promote the rights and skills of children based on the principles of the United Nation Children’s Rights Convention. This is done through a voyage account on the evolution of children from childhood till adolescence.

First year secondary students are conscious not only of their rights but also on their duties.

Zach, one of the students, feels that students should make more efforts to be a voice for their colleagues by contesting to represent them in the Students’ Council. He said, “I am contesting the post because there are children who are not comfortable to do this due to bullying; and I, if asked, may pass on comments either to the headmaster or the principle”.

The book was launched by Minister for Children’s Rights, Michael Falzon and the Children’s Commissioner, Pauline Miceli who encouraged students to make every effort to fully enjoy their rights.

Over 70 schools will celebrate with various events the World Children’s Day, which was established by the United Nations to promote and safeguard children’s rights.

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