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New brand for former GRTU to better reflect its work

The Malta Chamber of SMEs is the new name of what used to be the GRTU. This organisation, which also changed its logo, says it represents some 7,000 small and medium businesses. During the presentation of the new brand, its President Paul Abela said that the organisation made the change to reflect better its work.

The Chamber’s chief executive Abigail Mamo said that the change is not only cosmetic but reflects the wide range of work it does, both with its members and also on a national level.

“We are a vibrant organisation that represents many sectors and despite that the GRTU is 70-years old, we feel that the time is ripe to represent a wider range of businesses with a fresher visual so that we will be more effective, communicate better and provide a better service”, the chief executive said.

The SME’s Chamber President said that the organisation also represent its members in government entities. “We represent GRTU in the Malta Enterprise which provides many incentives to SMEs and we as Chamber of SMEs cater for small businesses and Government introduces services so that these firms enlarge their business”.

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds, Stephan Zrinzo Azzopardi, praised the businesses use of European funds while mentioning the necessary change to implement the Green Deal proposal so that the country moves closer towards the neutral carbon economy.

Economy Minister Silvio Schembri said that businesses are a priority in the Government’s agenda and appealed to Maltese firms to look at foreign markets to enlarge their operation.

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