New clinical trials start on Covid-19 vaccine in the UK

Clinical trials have begun in the UK of the Covid-19 vaccine, the third of their kind in the world.

The clinical trials are being carried out of the vaccine produced by the Belgian company, Janssen, which is using the virus of the common cold which has been genetically modified.

Encouraging results have been announced about the vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNThech, however they have not yet been approved for use on the public, and it is still not known how much they will serve to protect the elderly or whether they will even work properly on them.

The Director of the clinical research facility NIHR in Southampton, Prof Saul Faust, who will be leading these clinical trials, said that it is important for the country to monitor the vaccines being produced by different countries.

This is because it is not yet known whether each vaccine will work or how safe and efficient the supply from each company will be.

6000 volunteers are taking part in the UK’s clinical trials, while volunteers from other countries will bring the total number of participants to 30,000.

They will be given two doses of the vaccine two months apart, so that the results can be compared with trials which are already taking place, in which the volunteers were only given one dose.