New Covid restrictions in Italy lead to several protests

Restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Italy have led to several protests across the country. Among the violent protests that took place in Italy were in Turin and Milan, where tear gas was to be used to control the protests. Violent protests have also been reported in Naples.

The protests began immediately after the Italian government ordered a number of measures including that bars, cafes and restaurants must close at 6pm but on Sunday they can remain open all day, with no more than four people able to sit down at a table. The new restrictions will remain in force until November 24.

Gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and theatres will remain closed. It is being recommended that Italians go out only for essentials and not to host people who are not part of the immediate family at home.

Despite the fact that earlier this year, Italians took the first lockdown in their stride, this time people rebelled, with small businesses saying they are still getting back on their feet after the first lockdown and that now these measures may bankrupt them.