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New film hopes to serve as promotion for Maltese islands

The film Made in Malta is now showing at local cinemas. This is the second film shot in Malta by Maltese-Australian director Julian Galea.  It is a romantic story which has a Maltese setting.

After the success of his first film Love to Paradise which he shot in Malta three years ago and which won him the honour of the best film at the Malta International Film Festival, Mr Galea has now completed his second film which was completely shot in the country where both his parents were born and raised.

Made in Malta tells the love story between an American film producer Vincent and his ex-Spanish girlfriend, Annalisa. Despite having doubts about her intentions, Vincent accepts to set aside the pressures of the film he is working on in order to explore Malta with her.

As they discover the beauty of the Maltese islands they also once again discover each other, however Annalisa has a secret and when it is revealed they are forced to confront the rest of their lives.

Julian Galea, is the son of Maltese emigrants who left for Australia in the 60s. He says that his parents always described Malta as the most beautiful country in the world and he feels that they were proved right when he visited Malta for the first time with his father many years ago.

With beautiful cinematography of Malta serving as the backdrop to the love story between Vincent and Annalisa, Galea is hoping that this film will promote Malta as an ideal place to shoot films as well as a tourist destination.

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