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New formation house for children and youths in Għarb

Religious men of Don Bosco Salesians returned to Gozo after an absence of 60 years.

The presence will be in a house which will cater for the formation of children and youths to become today’s and tomorrow’s leaders according to the charisma of Salesians founder St John Bosco.

A home in Għarb, which has been closed for years, is situated in a quiet area with beautiful views of various fields till the Madonna Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary and beyond. It was donated to the Salesians by Maria Assunta Apap which had wished it to be used for the service of children and youths.

Fr Emmanuel Camilleri said the Salesians refurbished the house while observing its original style to match with the environment and its inside was adapted to welcome children and youths who may spend some hours for seminars, formation meetings and retreats.

“Don Bosco believed that, together with recreation, formation is important and the two are linked together”.

He said that the Salesians’ mission is to assist youths develop their skills, especially their character’s development of a sense of leadership. “As everyone knowns, nobody is born a leader but everyone may become one and this is what we try to do – to form youths as today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, especially among their friends”.

Dar Marija Assunta is expected to strenghten relations between Don Bosco’s Salesians and the Gozitan community following an absence in Gozo of over 60 years.

In1963, they had left the Don Bosco Oratory in Rabat.