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New funds for creative industries platforms

The Malta Council for Culture is encouraging individuals, organisations and companies in the creative industry to form clusters to be entitled for funds that strengthen their sustainability in the market. The Council said that these clusters will qualify for funds on a period of three years.

FabLab is a design cluster among 1,200 which are spread around the world. Architect Sean Buttigieg, one of the co-founders and FabLab director in Malta, said that within a period of one and a half years they offered their services to around 1,200 Maltese clients.

“We assist creative individuals in the design sector to create ideas and materialize them”, Architect Buttigieg stated.

FabLab may serve as an example for others in the creative industry to join together in a cluster.

The Malta Arts Council Director of Strategy, Toni Attard, launched a programme of funds for the creative industry which was specifically drafted to stimulate the sustainable development of projects and their ideas.

“They can cooperate on how to export their work, how to create new services or even new products; and therefore the idea is that the industry joins together to develop its future”, Mr Attard stated.

The Council’s Executive Chairman, Albert Marshall, said that the council is working closely with the Malta Enterprise so that with the funds the creative industry will be supported and will render itself in an economic activity in the future.

Culture Minister Owen Bonnici said that the creative industry developed into a niche that creates jobs with a current workforce of around 13,000 persons in this sector, equivalent to 6% of the labour market in Malta.

“We have to look into new models to lead to creations of jobs and opportunities increase in the sector. Therefore we are proposing funds for design cluster of cultural, media and design aspect in general, which will lead through an agreement with the Malta Arts Council for a three-year period assistance”, Minister Bonnici stated.

The Minister said that it is estimated that around 50 organisations, entitled up to $50,000 a year, will benefit from the programme.

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