New home for women who overcome their drug problem

Women who will not have a roof over their heads when they conclude a drug rehabilitation programme will now have a place to live in until they re-integrate into society.

This as the Housing Authority is to invest 300,000 euro in a house in Naxxar that will be run by Caritas.

A Caritas home in Naxxar is to be demolished and rebuilt to be used as a home for women and girls who will have successfully concluded the drug rehabilitation programme at San Blas. The home will also be fitted out for women with children and will include a number of relaxation areas.

Caritas Director Anthony Gatt explained that this project is aimed at women who will not have a roof over their heads when they finish the programme, with the danger of their ending up again on drugs whilst integrating afresh into society.

“In this way, we will be giving them a helping hand towards achieving independence, which means this will not be a place where they can remain for the rest of their lives, but simply a push to enable them to take the next step forward towards success.”

Outlining the details of the project, Social Accommodation Minister Roderick Galdes explained the scope of this specialised accommodation.

“The aim is to have one- and two-bedroom apartments for those who graduate from the Caritas programme, and who will be given temporary accommodation until they start on the road back into society.”

The project will be carried out by the Housing Authority with an investment of close to 300,000 euro.