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New look for Facebook

Facebook will be making a few changes to the way its newsfeed looks, making posts by businesses, brands and the media less prominent. Instead, the content will give more importance to space for discussions between family and friends.
On his Facebook page, founder Mark Zuckerberg said he realized that this decision may reduce the popularity of some organizations on FB. He explained that the changes will take place within the next few weeks.

Zuckerberg wrote that from the response the company has received from users, there have been various complaints that posts by businesses and media organizations are strangling Facebook and preventing users from communicating with each other. He added that, together with his team, they are ensuring that FB remains a good platform for people’s well-being.
He also acknowledged that with these changes, the time that people spend on FB will be reduced, however he said that the changes will lead to making the time which people spend using it, more valuable.

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